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SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine Articles
September 2005 - Using the ASP.NET Mobile Controls to Develop Applications for Portable Wireless Devices
Feb/March 2006 - Developing Distributed Biometric Applications for Mobile Wireless Devices
June/July 2006 - Wireless Events in Atlanta (MuniWireless, Mesh Networks, Barcoding & RFID)
April/May 2008 - Headless Embedded CE and Mobile Devices as Data Collectors and Web Servers

802.11 Technologies Explained
Advantages of UDP over TCP in a Wireless Environment

About Us, Our Products
Mobile Imager SDK for PIE, Mobile Intercom, Mobile VoiceRTP

Android Blogs
Setting up the Eclipse IDE For Android Development with Google Maps...Configuring the Emulator...Loading Apps...Fixing INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY errors

Various Blogs
Working with Remote Wireless Thermo-Hygro, Rainfall Gauges
WiFiFoFum - Free WiFi Trace Utility For Windows CE/Mobile Devices
ASUS Pocket Access Point

.NET Blogs (3 star and above)
Setting Up .NET and Writing a Port Prober in C#
Safe Synchronization for Multi-threaded Data Access and Thread Safe Callbacks via Delegates

.NET Blogs of a Lesser God (3 star and less writeups, some on material for the 70-536 Exam)
Using the System.Diagnostics Class in the .NET Compact Framework (Part I)
Security Terms For Wireless and Fixed Networks and the .NET 2.0 Framework Cryptography APIs