WiFiFoFum - Review by Paul Zazzarino

Tired of having to void your PDA warranty and flash Linux on a Windows CE/Mobile device. Well someone has developed a CE/Mobile based utility to scan wireless networks and good news, it is free!

For those of you with CE/Mobile devices running Pocket PC 2000, PPC 2002, PPC 2003 or CE.NET 4.1 and higher you can run this utility to sense wireless networks*. Note you must obtain the .NET Compact Framework runtime as a separate download (which is free from Microsoft). .NET CF is a subset of the full blown Visual Studio Framework. .NET CF programs typically are written in Visual Basic or C#. .NET CF is Microsoft's implementation of a virtual machine utilizing JIT (just in time compilation) to run programs on any platform, anywhere, anytime. (Similar but different from Sun's Java Virtual Machine)

The scanner captures the following information: WEP (On/Off), MAC Address, SSID, RSSI, Channel, and Time FirstSeen/LastSeen. As devices are discovered each one is added as an entry to the list box display. The scanner also provides a nice graphical view of the proximity of the devices sensed (Note this does not figure the location of the devices). Log file support is configurable as well. Finally a scanner which runs on something other than the penguin!

WiFiFoFum.org Download Site

Download .NET Compact Framework Runtime

The Open .NET Compact Framework User Group

* Note: the scanner was written for PPC 2003, .NET CF runs on PPC 2000 on up.

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