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Security Issues with 802.11

Writeup on State and Federal Monitoring Laws

Antennas got you confused?

Antennas for 802.11-CISCO Excellent information on Antennas

2.4 Ghz Wireless Cameras

D-Links 802.11 Device Review
Panasonics 802.11 Devices Specifications
LinkSys 802.11 Camera Review

Standards and Compatibility Organizations

European Telecommunications Standards Institute European Committee Standards
Federal Communications Commission U.S. Goverment Standards
Institute of Electronics Engineers U.S. Committee Standards
Internet Engineering Task Force - Request For Comments Search Page For RFC Queries
National Electrical Manufactures Association NEMA
Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance Interoperability, Wi-Fi Approval
Wireless Lan Association-WLANA Educational Resource (White Papers, Case Studies)

Software/Hardware Sniffers

AirMagnet (Commercial) AirMagnet
Airopeek (Commercial) Airopeek
AirScanner AirScanner
Epiphan (Commercial) Epiphan
Fluke Networks (Commercial) Fluke
Kismet Kismet
SourceForge.Net Wepcrack Review of WiFiFoFum - Windows CE/Mobile Sniffer
YellowJacket(Commercial) YellowJacket