Working with Remote Wireless Thermo-Hygro, Rainfall Gauges


Happened to receive both of these as gifts. They are relatiively easy to set up. Both allow remote monitoring of the weather
forecast/temperature and rainfall outside of your home. They both have the same range of around 30 meters ~ 100 feet.
Use the same basic rules you apply to setting up wireless networks. Walls, metal objects, water will diminish the transmission range.

1)  Wireless Rain Gauge - 915 MHz

2) Wireless Remote Thermo/Hygro Gauge - 433 MHz

1.1) The Wireless Rain Gauge

Pretty cool due to its namesake ability. Electro-mechanical coordination allows the WRG to calculate rain fall. It does this with a series of transformations.

The cover top surface is a recessed gridded tray measuring around 1 by 3 inches. This allows a calculated amount of water to be collected from this surface area and then directed towards the center funnel.

Here the water falls down the center of the collection tray and falls into the topmost paddle spoon, which will sea-saw after roughly one teaspoon of water is collected.

The water collected at the top cover of the device always drops down to the paddle at the highest elevation. It quickly fills up and then falls due to gravity. The paired paddle is now the highest and so the process continues endlessly.

The third collection point is the sensor inside the sealed electronics box itself. As the paddles toggle they move a small pole outside the housing in a slight arc about one inch each way. The outside post is either magnetic or the inside senses the metal moving outside the housing. Firmware inside calculates water fall by the number of times the paddles toggle based on the precalculated figures from the collection surface area on the top of the device.

If you view the photos of the device you can see the close up of the paddles and the metallic post.

The remote display and collection unit are both portable and powered by two AAA batteries. The collection unit can be surface mounted.

Casing 1 x 3 X 3 Collection Tray Top View


Casing 1 x 3 x 3 Collection Tray Side View


Casing 1 x 3 X 3 Collection Tray Top View

Casing 1 x 3 x 3 Collection Tray Side View



Paddle Toggle 1

Paddle Toggle 2

Metallic/Magnetic Pole


Rain Gauge Console


Thermo-Hygro Collector and Cover


Thermo-Hygro Console


2.1) The Thermo-Hygro Weather Gauge
Nothing too intriging about the sensors in this case. The remote collection unit like the WRG has a detachable unit cover which protects the housing from weather. The indoor console can be battery or AC powered. It also supports several remote thermostats. You could even use this indoor to monitor temperatures in various parts of your house like the attic, basement etc. The remote sensors are well suited to detect multiple outdoor sunny and shaded areas simultaneously.

The console also has a ceiling display which projects the current temperature on the ceiling via an LED.

              Working with Remote Wireless Thermo-Hygro, Rainfall Gauges                                                                               


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