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            Paul Zazzarino began programming on Altairs and other microprocessor-based devices in the early 80ís.
This was followed by over thirty years of software tool development and systems integration.
The last twenty years has focused on developing embedded, wireless and mobile handheld applications*.
Focusing on Android and CE.NET solutions, Paul develops and evaluates mobile and wireless solutions for a variety of devices.
Other areas of interest are; network programming, applied compiler technologies, and the JAVA and .NET models.

Flipping Between Android and Windows/WinCE Embedded Development

Distributed System Configurator under Ubuntu Linux with MANET networks (Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks) using uMCONF and NHDP (Neighborhood Discovery Protocol).
Developed Android Real Time Communications Voice and Video Peer to Peer Link Application (H.264).
Windows WPF MVVM Configuration Interface.
Developed C/C++ Real Time Geo Mapping of Mil-Std 2525C Icons for a Windows Ruggedized Tablet on a Remote Video and Control System for Drones.
Developed C/C++ Real Time Geo Mapping (Google Maps for Boats) and HD Video Playback apps for Embedded CE 7 Infotainment and Control System for Ski Boats, Driver Tweeks, Platform Build.
Android Real Time Service (Java) For Good Driver Performance Metrics for Automobiles.
Android Development for Location Based Services with Google Maps (Java) . Talking via kSoap to a .NET server for DB queries and updates.
Visual Studio 2008 C# Compact Framework development on Mobile 6 Devices, IoC based logistics app, Avalanche server configuration.
Visual Studio 2008 C# Compact Framework development on Mobile 6 Devices to program and configure Remote Wireless Sensors. [ Manufacturing ADC ]
Visual Studio 2008 C# Compact Framework development on Mobile 6 Devices for Mobile Blood Collection.
Coding in C# in the Compact Framework for Telematics and SQL Server CE based applications.
WinCE C++ Service to monitor network/power/location status, triggers Configuration and other C# Apps based upon events. [ Supply Chain ]

Completed Release 5.0 of the Videophone for WinCE/Windows/Android.
[modeled after SIP , voice codecs via Audio Compression Manager, developed specialized sw video codec, all real time C/C++ or Java]


Awards/Certificates/Degrees                                                From                       

Bachelors in Computer Science                                            Indiana University

RF Data Collection System Activity Team (Award)            NASA

Wireless Network Administrator (Certified)                       Planet 3 Wireless

Mobile Computing (Certified)                                               Symbol/Motorola

Wireless LANs (Certified)                                                      Symbol/Motorola

Android Application Developer (Certified)                          Android ATC

WebRTC Qualified Developer (Certified)                             The SIP School
(Web Real Time Communications)

SIP Certified Professional                                                      Alta3 (Session Initiation Protocol/VoIP)

* Was one of the architects involved in designing and implementing a system where data was collected from "Forms" on handheld computers and then pushed
up to PCs, then commited as a transaction. Then optionally pushed up to 3270s, AS400s or Telnet hosts. Then pushed all the way back down the chain
allowing real time processing of data. Buffering provided at each tier adjusting for network outages, allowing recoverable transactions between
each point, be it handheld, PC or mainframe. At least SOAP is making this a little easier.